Moment Design Photography Training for Family Photographers

Moment design is a portrait-based photographic genre that celebrates relationships and on this workshop, you will learn how to implement the tools to capture the genuine joy, love, and emotion of those your photograph.

Moment Design Photography Training for Female Portraiture

The Female Portraiture workshop will teach you how to bring out confidence and beauty in women so they can reconnect with their most brilliant, glorious, beautiful part of themselves.

Moment Design Photography Training for Couples

You will learn how to work with people in a unique way and your clients will become less critical of their physical appearance, as they are reminded of the way they felt in the moment instead of how they look.

Anyone can call themselves a PHOTOGRAPHER but can anyone create MAGIC?

Moment design photography tips and training with Lynette Brown - this is me the trainer


Watch my video to find out how to attract clients who WANT to work with YOU

Hi, I’m Lyn a trainer, photographer, entertainer and an unshakable optimist with dedicated passionate for helping you tap into your creative genuies and take breath taking images.


In today’s world, everyone is a photographer. More and more selfies are being taken every single day and people no longer need a photographer to capture what they look like, they can do this for themselves.


Fristly moment design is not just another photographic style, it’s an interaction style. When you tell people your a family photographer or wedding photographer, their inital thoughts are one of oh you photograph what people look like, when in fact you actually photograph how people are feeling.

Imagine a child who is feeling grumpy, or a groom who hates having his pictures taken, are you really photographing what they look like, or are you actually photographing their mood in that moment. If someone feels awkward they are likely to look awkward and if they feel amazing, looking at the photographs they’re more likely to think they look amazing too.

By attending one of my training workshops you will learn photography tips & training to start using the moment design approach in your work which is a simple but very powerful way to witness human connections through your camera.


Find out what others have to say about the training and how it’s changed their own photography ….

Cathy Hyde

I have always loved natural photography and to come across Beloved (moment design) is amazing. I started nervous, shy with no confidence to talk to the couples but as the session went on watching Lynette work it made me want to capture them amazing moments myself.

I finished with more confidence and excited to know much more about this style of photography. During the training, Lynette was amazing and calmed my nerves and guided me to the point of feeling much more confident.

Lynette has a passion for Beloved (moment design) that comes out in her training and this makes her training so natural and easy to understand.

Sofie Smith

I drove up from Dorset to spend an afternoon/evening with Lynette and a beautiful loved up couple, on a training workshop. She was warm and welcoming, but above all explained everything perfectly in great detail. The shoot was great fun and watching how Lynette brings people to life and makes them shine while a camera is pointed at them is fantastic!!

Thank you so much for passing on your knowledge, I can’t wait to get to work and practice

Janette Hughes

Since my training with Lynette I have found that couples are 100% easier to shoot, at first, I felt a little awkward asking questions or “playing games” with adults as normally I save that for children, however, this has now become second nature and the results speak for themselves.


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